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Jason Fenske


North Carolina

About Me

My name is Jason Fenske. I am a graduated mechanical engineer from North Carolina State University. As a YouTube partner under the name EngineeringExplained, I make video lessons on automotive engineering topics. I am interested in the evolution of technology in the automotive industry, and I aspire to teach this technology to my viewers in a clear and concise manner.

My YouTube Story



        Growing up, I wasn’t so much of a car guy rather than just someone who enjoyed the mechanics of everything, and enjoyed filmmaking. I started making short videos in the later years of elementary school. These videos were far from educational, and typically had a plot relating to my sense of humor at the time, or some dumb action series. Throughout middle school, high school, and college, I made numerous short films each year, amounting to quite a library of poorly made home videos. Before EngineeringExplained, I had an alternative account used primarily for college videos, which have since been removed. I’ve always made videos, just never educational videos.



        Throughout my life, I also spent a lot of my time taking things apart and putting them back together. Plenty of the electronic toys I had would be put to test of being ripped apart and then reassembled. Legos were of course a big part of my childhood (and many engineers I currently know). Something about understanding how everything works is just something I’ve always been interested in. And many times I would take the knowledge I recently acquired, and then teach it my friends. I’ve heard many times that I did an excellent job of explaining things, and that I would make a great teacher.



        My passion for cars came from a video game (sad, isn’t it?), PGR3, which hooked me on the subject. Magazines, online news, TV shows, everything that had to do with cars I suddenly followed. This passion introduced me to the engineering world, and I have now graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering. My college curriculum was never enough to satisfy my curiosity of automotive technology. Most of what I learned in college about cars, I did in my own time. It’s not too uncommon for someone to ask me how I learned so much about cars (though to be honest, I still feel I have much to learn). The answer boils down to a few things. Primarily, I read/watch quite a bit on cars. Websites, YouTube channels, automotive books. Another great thing to do, especially if you’re just getting interested in cars, is to go to a local junkyard, pay a couple bucks to get in, and then start disassembling everything. Start from the top, and just take apart an engine. It will make understanding them very clear, and easy to remember once you have a good visualization of the involved components.



        The YouTube channel I currently run came about in June of 2011. I found myself with a little more free time over the summer than I anticipated. After teaching my girlfriend time after time how certain automotive components function, I decided to take some of my friends advice, and do a little online teaching. The original idea was to teach not only about cars, but about anything engineering related. This can be seen through my explanation of scuba regulators, turbine engines, and even jetskis still available on YouTube. Since then, my passion has sort of led the way, along with suggested videos, and now nearly everything I produce is automotive in nature. I hope everyone who wants to learn can learn something about cars from my videos.




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