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Course Start Date – 15th August, 2018

Course Materials with audio from Subject Matter Experts, Workshops with Model Files, and Demo Videos

About this Course:
Beginner: This course teaches Adams/Car for Formula / BAJA SAE competition students. Students will learn how to customize the FSAE / BAJA database example and analyze vehicle kinematics and dynamics with Adams/Car.

Adams/Car provides built-in sub-system and system templates together with pre-defined virtual tests & maneuvers to facilitate the modeling & simulation (M&S) of suspension kinematics & dynamics as well as full-vehicle dynamics. If you are involved with vehicle engineering work at your school, especially for student competitions such as Formula SAE, Baja, Solar Car, and Hybrid or Autonomous Vehicles, then this product is likely to be of interest to you.

Adams Car software allows students to design and simulate their FSAE / BAJA vehicles to maximize their vehicle performance. With Adams Car, FSAE / BAJA teams can quickly build and test their functional virtual prototypes of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems. FSAE / BAJA engineering teams can exercise their vehicle designs under various road conditions, performing the same tests they normally run in a test lab or on a test track, but in a fraction of time.

The video tutorials are designed to help jump-start your efforts to use Adams/Car for your student competition or other vehicle engineering project. That said, we highly recommend that you start by learning to use Adams/View and Adams/Solver so you obtain a firm grasp of multi-body dynamics fundamentals before progressing to the advanced, “gray box” M&S environment of Adams/Car. That way, if you encounter any difficulties or error messages in Adams/Car, you will have a better ability to understand what may be causing them (since Adams/Car is built on top of the foundation provided by Adams/View+Adams/Solver).

ISO Lane Change at 70 mph

MSC ADAMS Car for Suspension : Multi Body Dynamics Online Course

Industry Standard Vehicle Dynamic Software

Industrial-strength multibody dynamic simulation software available for FREE to university FSAE and BAJA teams. Solve real-world problems using the same platform utilized by 24 out of the top 25 automobile manufacturers in the world.

MSC ADAMS Car for Suspension : Multi Body Dynamics Online Course


MSC ADAMS Car for Suspension : Multi Body Dynamics Online Course

Formula SAE Performance Optimization

Reduce development time and costs and improve vehicle performance using software designed specifically for vehicle dynamics and development. Optimize various parameters such as suspension stiffness or location of center of mass to improve overall vehicle performance.

Adams Car Tutorial Kit for FSAE

Learn Adams Car with tutorials designed specifically for FSAE students. These tutorials include demonstrations, video and voice narration, and step-by-step instructions for simulating your unique vehicle.

MSC ADAMS Car for Suspension : Multi Body Dynamics Online Course


MSC ADAMS Car for Suspension : Multi Body Dynamics Online Course

ADAMS CAR Formula SAE Colleges

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Deggendorf Institute of Technology
  • University of Birmingham
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  • University of Sophia
  • California State University, Sacramento
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Windsor
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • University of Idaho
  • Mississippi State University
  • Columbia University
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Course Curriculum

ADAMS Tutorial KIT
AD01 – Introduction to the ADAMS CAR Course 00:00:00
AD02 : ADAMS Tutorials and Files 00:00:00
Adams For Formula SAE
Workshop Files 00:00:00
ADM743 – Section 1 – Introduction 00:00:00
ADM743 – Section 2 – Basic Concepts 00:00:00
ADM743 – Section 3 – Adjusting the FSAE Database Model 00:00:00
ADM743 – Section 4 – Creating and Running Analyses 00:00:00
ADM743 – Section 5 – Modeling Custom Templates 00:00:00
Incorporating Adams into Mechanical Engineering Courses
Adams 2012 Student Edition Tutorials - Installing and Introduction
ADAMS Car Suspension for BAJA
Improve Performance of Commercial Vehicles with Multibody Dynamics
Generating Accurate Dynamic Loads for Finite Element Analysis
Conduct Vehicle Safety Analysis using Adams Car
ADAMS Tutorial KIT
Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams
1- Introduction 00:00:00
2- Virtual Prototyping 00:00:00
3- Adams View Interface 00:00:00
4- Adams Postprocessor Interface Overview 00:00:00
5- Parts and Coordinate 00:00:00
6- Initial Conditions and Point Trace 00:00:00
7- Constraints 00:00:00
8- Rotation and Friction 00:00:00
9- Geometry and Precise Positioning 00:00:00
10- Joint motion and Functions 00:00:00
11- Joint Primitives 00:00:00
12- Point Motions and System-Level Design 00:00:00
13- Measurements, Displacement, Functions and CAD Geometry 00:00:00
14- Add- on Constraints 00:00:00
15- Simulations 00:00:00
16- Forces and Splines 00:00:00
17- Bushings 00:00:00
18- Impact and Velocity Functions 00:00:00
19- Step Functions and Simulation Scripts 00:00:00
20- Adams Solver 00:00:00
21- Sensors and Design Variables 00:00:00
22- Splines and Constraints 00:00:00
23- Multi-Component Forces and Design Studies 00:00:00
24- FE_PART Geometry Nonlinearity 00:00:00
25- Recommended Practices 00:00:00

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