Cybersecurity Certificate Course

Cybersecurity, computer security or IT security is meant to prevent the computer system from being stolen and to protect its hardware, software, and information from damage, as well as to prevent disruption and mismanagement of its services.

In cybersecurity, the circuit of the hardware protects programs from the program as well as the code coming from the network, data, and injection. And it can also happen with the misuse of the operator, whether it is deliberately or by mistake. IT security is susceptible to wandering through safe methods through various means.


There are so many efforts in it to keep the data safe.

  • Application security
  • information security
  • network security
  • Emergency protection
  • Operating safety
  • End-user education
  • data security
  • mobile Security
  • cloud Protection

Many times there is a danger of cybersecurity because the network connections and internet are fast changing the world, security has become very important due to this.

The administration is taking various measures to deal with such activities. The capital used by many countries for cybersecurity is being used. So that the private data of those countries are not leaked and all information is safe.


Due to the dynamical technology, our security and Threat Intelligence have become a daunting task for us.

  • Ransomware – This is often a sort of virus that’s used by criminals to attack people’s computers and systems. It suffers a lot of harm to files lying within the laptop. Then the culprit then bribes anyone who has a computer or system spoiled in this manner and then leaves the system after that.
  • Malware – It causes damage to any file or program in the computer such as computer viruses, worm, trojan, etc.
  • Social engineering – This is a method attack which depends on the conversation of a human. So that people can be falsely trapped in the net and their personal data, passwords, etc. can be removed from them. Because of this, there is a great danger to people
  • Fishing – This is a kind of fraud in which fraud emails are made to the people so that they think that the mail came from a good organization. The purpose of such mail is to steal important data such as credit card information or login information


As the speed of cyber hazards is increasing, the need for hardware and software is increasing in order to avoid these attacks of people.

It is being said that there are at least 1 million jobs vacant in the world for cybersecurity. IT professionals and computer specialists are capable of such cybersecurity tasks.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – This person saves software for security in the organization and maintains the data of that entity and is called the head of the IT security department.
  • Security Engineer – With the help of quality control, protects the company from hazards.
  • Architect security – This person works and looks after the planning, unification, designing, testing, maintenance, etc.
  • Security analyst – This person observes how to protect the system and what criteria should be adopted so that the data can be kept safe.

So, That’s why we can make a good future by taking training in this field because there is a lot of demand in this field. So, DIYguru provides Cybersecurity Certification Course. This course covers the basic building blocks of your required skill set – you may understand the threat and vulnerability landscape through threat modeling and risk assessments.


This course is designed in an exceedingly in a way to offer you an insight into all the side of cybersecurity and at a similar time, we ensure that you just get the hands-on experience. The course consists of Darknet, web Security, Cryptography, Network Security, Malware, operating system Security, Social Engineering, Memory attacks, Zero-Day attacks. we’ll deal with the idea and will then move to the practical part.

The course can have some hacking challenges as assignments. Those are unlocked over the period of the course. it’s a self-paced course for you to take into. however, we have a tendency to suggest spending a minimum of 6-8 hours per week on the course. you’ll be able to always ask the questions in the forum which are answered by the specialists. after every few weeks, there’ll be live QNA sections relating to the course which you’ll be able to attend and ask any question that you have to the instructor.


As people’s computers and Internet dependencies are increasing, cybercrime is also increasing. With the rise of cybercrime, the demand for such experts has increased in this area. Which is a Cyber Security Expert and those who have knowledge of Cyber Law. The demand for those people has increased in this field, people who are familiar with Cyber’s HiTech technology.

If you want to pursue a course related to cyber law. There is no shortage of career options in this field. You can make a career in these areas-

Research – If you want to go to this field to do research, you can work as a researcher in many universities in the country. Apart from this, you can work in Law Firms, Multinational Companies, Government Departments, etc. Apart from this, if you want to work as a researcher by visiting a foreign university, you can also get a scholarship here.

In the field of training- In Cyber Security, you can also get a good job as a trainer. In which large companies, police departments, government organizations, corporate houses, etc. can be found in which you can work as a coach. Apart from this, you can work as a faculty member at any institute.

In the field of law- You can also make a good career in this field by becoming an expert lawyer associated with cyber law.

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