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Course Curriculum

EE1.1 Car Engines 00:00:00
EE1.2. Gasoline Vs. Diesel Explained 00:00:00
EE1.3. Two Strokes Engine Explained 00:00:00
EE1.4. Engines Layouts – Explained (V6, 16, V8, W12) 00:00:00
EE1.5. Rotary Engines 00:00:00
EE1.6. Horsepower Vs. Torque 00:00:00
EE1.7. Compression Ratio 00:00:00
EE1.8. Octane Rating Explained 00:00:00
Engine Components
EE2.1 DOHC vs SOHC vs OHV 00:00:00
EE2.2 – Carburetors 00:00:00
EE2.3 Fuel Injection Explained 00:00:00
EE2.4 Ignition Systems – Explained 00:00:00
EE2.5 Starting a Car 00:00:00
EE2.6 Flywheel 00:00:00
EE2.7. Radiators 00:00:00
Clutches / Torque Converters
EE3.1 Torque Converter 00:00:00
EE3.2 : Clutches 00:00:00
EE3.3 Multi-Plate Clutches 00:00:00
EE4.1 Automatic vs Manual Transmission – Explained 00:00:00
EE4.2 : Car Gears 00:00:00
EE4.3 First Gear Torque 00:00:00
EE4.4 Dual Clutch Transmissions 00:00:00
Drivetrain Layouts
E5.1 Front Wheel Drive – FWD – Explained 00:00:00
EE5.2 Rear Wheel Drive – RWD 00:00:00
EE5.3 Ackerman Steering 00:00:00
EE5.4: 4WD – Four Wheel Drive 00:00:00
EE5.5 Transfer Case 00:00:00
EE5.6 : AWD Cars – All Wheel Drive – Explained 00:00:00
EE5.7 : Open vs Locked Differential 00:00:00
EE5.8 Car Steering – Rack and Pinion 00:00:00
EE6.1 Camber 00:00:00
EE6.2 Caster 00:00:00
EE6.3 Toe-in and Toe-out 00:00:00
EE6.4 steering axis inclination 00:00:00
EE6.5 How suspensions work 00:00:00
EE6.6 MacPherson struts 00:00:00
EE6.7 Double Wishbone Suspension – Explained 00:00:00
EE6.8 Solid Axle Suspension Explained 00:00:00
EE6.9 Pushroad Suspension 00:00:00
EE6.10 Pull Rod Suspension 00:00:00
EE6.11 2015 Ford Mustang – IRS vs Live Axle 00:00:00
Brakes & Safety
EE7.1 Disc Brakes 00:00:00
EE7.2 Drum Brakes 00:00:00
EE7.3 Anti-Lock Break System 00:00:00
EE7.4 Stability Control 00:00:00
EE7.5 Traction Control 00:00:00
EE7.6 Braking System 00:00:00
Forced Induction
EE8.1 Purpose of Turbocharger 00:00:00
EE8.2 How Turbochargers Works? 00:00:00
EE8.3 Turbo Lag 00:00:00
EE8.4 Turbocharger Deactivation Concept 00:00:00
EE8.5 Superchargers 00:00:00
EE8.6 Centrifugal Superchargers 00:00:00
EE8.7 Twin-Screw Superchargers 00:00:00
Special Automotive Topics
EE9.1 Nissan GT-R – Engineering Excellence 00:00:00
EE9.2 Traction Circle – Explained 00:00:00
EE9.3 KERS Explained 00:00:00
EE9.4 Cylinder Deactivation 00:00:00
EE9.5 HEMI Engine 00:00:00
EE9.6 Tailgate Up or Down – Explained 00:00:00
EE9.7 Why Are Convertible Cars Heavier? – Explained 00:00:00
Formula 1 Car Concepts
EE10.1 Formula 1 Concepts 00:00:00
EE10.2 Front Wing – Formula 1 – Explained 00:00:00
EE10.4 Pullrod Suspension 00:00:00
EE10.5 Formula one Brakes 00:00:00
EE10.6 Formula one Diffuser 00:00:00
EE10.7 Drag Reduction System 00:00:00
EE10.7 Drag Reduction System 00:00:00
EE10.8 F1 Engines Explained 00:00:00
EE10.9 Average Piston Speed 00:00:00
EE10.10 Formula One Radiator Technique 00:00:00
EE10.11 Sequential Gearbox 00:00:00
EE10.12 F1 steering wheel 00:00:00

Course Reviews

  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Online Course

    Outstanding! 5

    I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.
    Prateek Jain
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Online Course

    Well Arranged Course 5

    Helped a lot :-)
    Adithya Vinod
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Online Course

    Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast 5

    As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV
    Jithin kumar
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Online Course

    learnt So much 5

    learnt so many things development of ATV
    Megha Shyam Naidu
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Online Course

    Helped me channelize my time and effort 5

    The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
    Hariharan Mohan

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