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SolidWork is a solid modeling software, a solid program in which we design and develop a product so that we can create models, assemble them, and draw a drawing.

We can also use it as a formatting tool. If you want to do detailing of any object in 2D or 3D, then we can do it in it. If we have to design a complex shape, we can easily design and analyze the object in it.



If we have to make an object then we have to make a model first. So we do all these things in SolidWorks. ln SolidWorks, we can do detailing and analysis of that object. So that our production rate is good and finishing the item is also good.

If we have already created the object, then we can do the proper analysis. ln analysis, we can easily find stress deflection and check displacement. So after finding all this we can do good work on the object. This gives us the description of the object very well, due to this we prefer SOLIDWORKS.



India is the hub of industries, you will find industry in every city then there are many industries in it, where this solidworks are preferred. for ex:-

  • Aerospace industries
  • Defence industries
  • Automotive industries
  • Transport industries
  • Mold & Design industries
  • In Medical tool industries, first the tool design is made.


So solidwork is a very important part of designing from this we can create many things. We can make a good future by taking training in this field because there is a lot of demand in this field. So, DIYguru provides SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD – Complete Online Training.


Learn SOLIDWORKS and make 3D CAD models for engineering, sheet design, product design, and alternative projects. These SOLIDWORKS tutorials cover basic and advanced functions of SOLIDWORKS 2012 and beyond, as well as a way to extrude 3D models from 2d drawings, a way to apply fillet and chamfer, and more.

CAD DIYguru is made for the SOLIDWORKS community which implies we’ll actively update training material based upon your feedback! this can probably lead us within the directly of application based training. we want to show you what you want to get your job done, not teach you what we think will get the job done. basically, we want users to be able to take a course and say “that’s exactly what I required to complete this project”. different ideas we’ve is to show design ideas utilization SOLIDWORKS. for example, “FEA ideas utilization SOLIDWORKS Simulation” or “Learn the basics of GD&T with SOLIDWORKS”. Not an engineer or designer by trade? No problem, don’t let that limit your design creativeness. additionally, all members (“aka the cadets”) are able to interact with each and discuss training material by providing feedback on the course page.


In each industry, each product is designed before creation, so in designing, we first generate an idea.Then we convert that idea into a proper description, then after designing it, we can work on it properly.

So we can apply for job in any industry.If we talk about IT companies,So in them we make computer and mobile design before manufacturing.So it has scope in every industry, we can apply for jobs anywhere.

For more click here: https://www.diyguru.org/course/solidworks/

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