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Application process

If you are an Auto Enthusiast and would like to spread knowledge of “How to Manufacture an ATV”, this is the right place for you. Find a job you like to work and apply for it. Someone in our recruiting team will take a look and get back to you if we’d like to set up a telephone interview.
Some of our regions in India run recruiting events so you might be able to sign up and show us what you’re made of and do most of the stuff below in one weekend or evening.

Talk to a human

Most times you’ll have a telephone interview with one of our recruiting team. We know the temptation isn’t to take this very seriously but our recruiters really can help you work out if BAJA Tutor  is going to be right for you (and vice versa). They are the guardians of our culture, and they will end your process here if they don’t feel there’s a good match. We’d encourage you to check out our website before this interview and think about the questions you want to ask them before the call.

Do your thing

Our hiring process is based on the philosophy of show us, don’t tell us what you can do. If you’re a designer, we will want to see your design. If you’re an Analyst, we’ll get you to do a proper analysis of BAJA Vehicle. If you’re a welder,  we might ask you to do our welding’s. Either way, this part of the process will usually take place in the comfort of your own home.

Come meet us

After we’ve seen what you can do, we’ll bring you into the office. You’ll take some assessments – which are designed to make your brain hurt. You’ll have a number of interviews with all sorts of people. We think hard about who you’ll get to meet, and there is method in our madness. We deliberately show you the things that other organizations wouldn’t, to see if you’re ready for BAJA Tutor, and if we’re ready for you.

Get excited

While our process doesn’t always go as fast or as smoothly as you, or we, might like, we’ll come to a decision as fast as we can. We’re really deliberate in our hiring which means it can take time. So if you don’t see the benefit in a process that digs beneath the CV, this might suggest that BAJA Tutor isn’t for you.


Students who are doing their undergraduate studies and have participated in BAJA SAEINDIA or Mini Baja can apply for two months of  internship, works will be mainly dealing with content development and learning various ways of designing and manufacturing.  Send us your resume to join-us@diyguru.in or bajatutor@gmail.com

Any other Queries

Our team is always there to help you, reach us personally by e-mail :  rohit@diyguru.in or bajatutor@gmail.com


We are #1 DIY Learning Platform providing Maker’s Online Courses in the field of Automobile, Aerospace, Drones & Robotics. We aim to empower the next generation of makers education by providing DIY skill based training and mentoring.

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Diyguru Education And Research Private Limited
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Email Support: support@diyguru.org


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