Electric Vehicle Internship

Electric car creating a different place in automobile world. It is noise free,pollution free and have high performance which may be replaced the IC engine soon and become IC engine outdated. An electric vehicle, also known as an electron volt, uses one or a lot of electrical motors or traction motors for propulsion. An electrical vehicle could also be battery-powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources. Power house of tesla car is induction motor which introduced 100 years ago by greatest scientist.i.e “NIKOLA TESLA”(1856-1943).stator and rotor have two main holes. We give Three phase AC input power in stator. In coil 3phase AC current produce rotating the magnetic field.in induction motor rotor always present behind the RMF.


As we know there are couple of vehicles and they are producing pollution like air pollution and noise pollution etc. there are lots of problem we are facing in daily life. Power management in electrical Vehicle has been revolutionized since the previous organization introduced with initial EVs. Today, it is often battery-powered either by one or a mixture of multiple sources and driven by one or a mix of multiple algorithms. This improvement contributes in significantly higher results. This paper reviews state-of-art on electrical vehicle construct giving description for every sub-category, then details power management methods and charging techniques highlight main issues and solutions. Finally, power management structure and future analysis direction also are mentioned.


There are lots of company who provides electric vehicle course but, I recommend DIYguru.DIYguru is one of the bestest platform because DIYguru is Skill partner for NITI Aayog Electric Vehicle Mobility Vision 2030 and has prepared a one-of a-kind Electric Vehicle Certification Course of 30 Days in partnership with E-Mobility companies providing you with online courses and Hands-on Workshops. Such extensive coursework is A FIRST IN INDIA. DIYguru provides 30days online courses After the completion of Online Course, You are eligible to participate in the weekend Hands-on workshop,two days workshop are also included in this 2 days workshop will be conducted at your nearest city.

Benefit of electric vehicle internship

This is very new concept launched in India. PIYUSH GOYEL said“ after 2030 we are planning all the vehicles will be completely electric based.” For bright future DIYguru made the strategy i.e includes creating a skilled and trained workforce which has an expertise in design and testing, battery manufacturing, and management, sales, services and infrastructures of. India has chalked a plan to aid its electric mobility mission by creating a specialized  workforce. The blueprint aims at generating 10 million jobs.

DIYguru provides certification for 30days online courses including 2days workshop.


DIYguru tie-up with different-different company.The students/professional performing good in this course will be selected for Career opportunities in these above company like MARUTI SUZUKI, MEHENDRA,LIGHT Speed and save ELECTRIC etc.

To take this course: https://www.diyguru.org/course/electric-vehicle/

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