5 Days Electric Vehicle Workshop | Pune – Maharashtra

  • Start Date: January 6
  • End Date: January 10
  • Location: JSPM
  • Address: Survey No.80, Pune-Mumbai Bypass, Highway, Tathawade, 411033 Pune
  • Cost: Rs 5,000.00
  • Seats Available: 2(30)
Technology is something that does not stop for anyone. With each passing day, we move towards a future that requires the use of resources which not only don’t pollute but also are available for our future generations. This is the reason why awareness about Electric vehicles is so important. Transport being the most essential part for connection and trade, Electric vehicles are the future of a cleaner and safer transport.
Hence, DIYguru being trusted by Hyundai, Bosch, Maruti for Electric Vehicle Mobility Vision 2030 has prepared a one-of-a-kind Electric Vehicle Certification Course of 5 Days in partnership with E-Mobility companies providing you with online courses and Hands-on Workshops. Such extensive coursework is A FIRST IN INDIA.
Doing this course not only provides you immense knowledge about EVs but also puts you ahead of 70% of the people of the world.
Why You should take this Workshop?
Most of the people know about EV, but they don’t know what problems they will face once they enter into Electric Vehicle. We will be teaching in terms of technical aspects. We will tell you lots of formulas and will compare the industry-standard formula by our approach.
How to select the motor for your electric vehicle and batteries depending on your requirements
How to select batteries depending on charging time, discharging time and range and C rating of the battery.
How to design better transmission system for your electric vehicle using industry standards.
A better explanation of each and every part of EV.
You can get an idea of business in EV
Clear demonstration of Hub Motor, Batteries and Controller and their connections.
What is the Battery Management System?
How to design an intelligent battery management system for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Most of the automobile companies are now vowing to switch to electric vehicles and as we move towards an electric revolution, there is a need for talented and skilled engineers that can help make EVs a primary source of transport. You can help the future by taking part in this fun and immensely knowledgeable Hybrid and Electric Vehicle curriculum provided by DIYguru which provides advanced knowledge and hands-on, in design, analysis, control, calibration, and operating characteristics of H.E.Vs, putting another essential skill in your skillset.
It is a certification course + a workshop on HEVs.
Fee Details:
Duration: 5 Days
Date: 6th Jan. 2020 to 10th Jan. 2020
Venue: JSPM, Pune, Maharashtra 412101
Pricing: INR 5000 + GST (18%)
Why this course :
DIYguru is partner of Future mobility vehicle training corporates with major organizations like Robert Bosch, Maruti Suzuki, Powersport and Save Electric, to education Upskilling partner for corporations like Google for Education, Ph.D. CCI, and Global 3D Labs, to Training labs partner with Technical Campuses in India and Israel and upcoming, DIYguru has established itself as a Pioneer in Electric Vehicle training and are rapidly expanding it’s service offerings to become the fastest growing quality training provider across all major cities in India.
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