In the wake of promoting maker’s culture in India. The DIYguru team took the initiative of enhancing maker’s skills in the field of Automotive Design & Engineering in partnership with Maker’s Asylum, Vecmocon, Polaris, Google, Amazon and BAJA Tutor by giving 2 Days Free Workshop to students who are keen to do DIY projects in the field of Automobile, Aerospace, Robotics, 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.


The team of mentors from Industries is set to visit Engineering colleges all over India in the month of Nov. & Dec. giving them two day workshop on the effective ways of building an Automobile and most importantly a glimpse of career opportunities available in Indian automotive sector.

BAJA Tutor mentors has started this two month campaign to initiate skill development in the areas of Automobile. The campaign is dedicated towards enhancing the quality of education, skills and career opportunities for the youth of India. The core philosophy is to produce productive young engineers for the industry and establish maker culture in India.

From the Left – Dr. VR Mishra, HOD, Mechanical Engineering Dept.; Dr. Rajeev Agrawal, Director, GL Bajaj Institute of Technology; Avinash Singh, Founder & CEO, DIYguru.

How does it work – Model

The DIYguru Project provides a common platform where students and mentors can interact with each other on a particular skillset. The model is based on evidence of providing learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social environment, creating informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment.

DIYguru onboard DIY Mentors who are experienced in a particular skillset. They deploy one mentor to each partner High school & College. DIY Mentors are embedded in area schools and work with students by teaching courses, providing coaching and counseling, and applying maker culture change techniques to motivate students.


With the success of Maker’s Campaign Season 1 held in 2017 across 23 Indian states received participation from various colleges including IITs, NITs, and top engineering colleges across India and with the Industry support from major Giants like Maruti Suzuki, Robert Bosch, Google Cloud, Amazon, Polaris, Powersports, Indian Blockchain Council, Make India, Digital India Foundation and Autosports, we are happy to announce the launch of Maker’s Campaign 2018.

Media Highlights – Times Delhi | The Hindu | Global Tribune

Maker’s Campaign Season 2. 

Maker’s Campaign 2.0 is a campaign by DIYguru in partnership with industries focused on Industry 4.0 to promote maker’s culture in India enhancing the skills among students and professionals with regards to Fourth Industrial Revolution. The campaign will run for 6 months from Sept. 2018 to Feb. 2019, including 29 States, 58 Cities, and 29000 students. There will be 2 colleges selected from each state, this time with more Industry partners, more speakers and a much wider range of topics, who are there to recruit talents.

How is it going to benefit students?

Which colleges are eligible to apply?

  1. Having an auditorium which can accommodate at least 300 students.
  2. Engineering Colleges and Universities with SAE / ASME / IEEE chapters.
  3. Have involved students in Maker’s Projects of Automotive, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing domain.

Participation Confirmation :

Kindly fill up the NOC attachment to confirm the dates for your participation in Maker’s Campaign 2019 before.

NOTE: Only 2 college from each state is going to be selected based on the criteria’s like Research and Development, Involvement of students in Projects, Lab and Infrastructure Facilities.

Last date to apply – 14th Jan 2019

For all other info please get in touch with DIYguru team at – [email protected]

** In case your college has participated in Maker’s Campaign 2017, Congratulations!! You are eligible to apply for DIYLabs’ – details of which can be obtained by contacting the undersigned.


BAJA SAE Topics:

Kindly note that the team will be not charging any fee (as discussed) for the workshop. The requesting college has to bear the expense of trainers accommodation and travel.

Please fill the NOC form and mail it to us back with the signatures. – NOC Form

The agenda for the two-day workshop includes:

DAY 1: 6 Hrs

  • Career opportunities in Automotive Sector
  • How to prepare for BAJA Virtuals
  • Design & Analysis
  • Suspension
  • Roll Cage
  • Steering
  • Engine Mounting
  • Calculations
  • Design Validations
  • Project Plan
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Vehicle Optimisation
  • Fatigue


DAY 2: 6 Hrs


  • Sponsorship & Marketing
  • Manufacturing your BAJA Buggy
  • Parts Procurement
  • Innovations
  • DIYguru
  • Future of Automotive Sector
  • Doubts & Question Answer Session
  • Selection of Interns for Summer 2018


NOTE- After reverting back the NOC letter with the dates, we will inform you about the tickets.


Thanks & Regards,


Avinash Singh
Founder: Autosports India, BAJA Tutor & DIYguru

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Course Reviews

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    Prateek Jain
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  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

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    The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
    Hariharan Mohan

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