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Live, Interactive, SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Learn SOLIDWORKS and create 3D CAD models for engineering, sheet metal design, product design, and other projects. These SOLIDWORKS tutorials cover fundamental and advanced functions of SOLIDWORKS 2012 and beyond, including how to extrude 3D models from 2D drawings, how to apply fillet and chamfer, and more.

Using CAD, SOLIDWORKS users are able to sign up for an account, enroll in courses and track their progress. At the end of each course, students will even receive a certificate of completion!

CAD DIYguru is built for the SOLIDWORKS community which means we will actively update training material based on your feedback! This will probably lead us in the directly of application based training. We want to teach you what you need to get your job done, not teach you what we think will get the job done. Essentially, we want users to be able to take a course and say “that’s exactly what I needed to complete this project”. Other ideas we have is to teach design concepts using SOLIDWORKS. For example, “FEA concepts using SOLIDWORKS Simulation” or “Learn the fundamentals of GD&T with SOLIDWORKS”. Not an engineer or designer by trade? No problem, don’t let that limit your design creativity. In addition, all members (“aka the cadets”) will be able to interact with each and discuss training material by providing feedback on the course page.



SOLIDWORKS classroom training without the cost in time and expense to attend offsite training. This online training is provided by our parent company Computer Aided Technology (CATI).  CATI VC is based on WebEx Online Classroom, the award winning system from Cisco Systems.

Live Instructor – An instructor presents the material live over the web and is constantly available for questions, discussions and mentoring, just as in a standard classroom setting.

No Travel Required – Students can attend the classes from the office or from anywhere with an internet connection and a phone line.

Convenient Schedule – Our classes are scheduled in 1/2 day sessions that allow plenty of time for instruction and exercises. Most classes are held every other day to accommodate busy schedules. The total time for instruction and practice is the same as standard classroom classes.

Full Class Materials – Students will attend the same classes with the same manuals and materials available at our training centers. The materials will be sent prior to the start of class.

Full Lab Exercises – Instruction is followed with practice. The exercises are done utilizing our on-line lab, allowing the instructor to monitor the class and interact to answer questions and provide suggestions in both a group or individual setting.

Time: All Online Classes are based on the Central Time zone.

  • The virtual classroom will provide you access to SOLIDWORKS software, so individual SOLIDWORKS licenses are NOT required.

SolidWorks for Formula SAE and Form

ula Student Events

SOLIDWORKS is widely used to design different parts of automobile in the Formula SAE®, Formula Student, Baja SAE®, and Supermileage Challenge competitions.

In these events, university students gain meaningful real-world experience designing, building, testing, and competing with original automotive designs in a team environment.

Successful teams must meet all the challenges of today’s automotive industry: communication, deadlines, budgets, and teamwork. This is why Formula SAE and Formula Student organizations attract the best and brightest. It’s also why future automotive industry innovation takes shape here today. SOLIDWORKS offers each team complete tools and support to help them succeed in their competition.

The SOLIDWORKS Team Sponsorship Kit

Interested in applying for team sponsorship? Please complete our online Sponsorship Application.
With SOLIDWORKS Education sponsorship, you get these software packages at no charge:

  • SOLIDWORKS Premium, Simulation Premium, Flow Simulation, MBD Standard, Plastics, Sustainability (3D CAD software)
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional (electrical systems design tools)
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer (technical documentation tools)

Click on the links below to learn about entering and competing, see team web pages, view competition photos, and check out previous winning designs.

SOLIDWORKS in the Automotive Industry

Read how professional engineers are using SOLIDWORKS software to design automotive parts.

SolidWorks Product Modeling

Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS

Five comprehensive learning modules with in-depth video tutorials guide you through SOLIDWORKS software and the engineering design process.

3D Design Overview
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Lesson Five


Project Tutorials

Practice using SOLIDWORKS software and the design interface in action with these simple
and fun projects.

Robot Tutorials for SOLIDWORKS
Follow the process for building a better robot and
learn valuable tips, tricks, and design methods.

Educational Project Downloads

Download part files and follow project guidelines to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS software while completing a fun model.

F1inSchools™ Race Car
Design an F1inSchools™ Race Car using a virtual wind tunnel.
Travel Mug
Learn to select the right material for a more sustainable, safe design.
TicTacToe Game
Create this TicTacToe game and 10 other projects.
Wind Turbine
Assemble this wind turbine and learn about sustainable design.
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Course Curriculum

Solidworks License 00:00:00
Introduction To 2D Sketching 00:00:00
Introduction To 2D Sketching Continued 00:00:00
Basics of SolidWorks- Part 2 Introduction to 3D modeling 00:00:00
Modeling a simple 3D part- Giving appearance and Making 2D Drawing 00:00:00
How to make a simple assembly 00:00:00
Solidworks Simulation- Static structural analysis of hub. 00:00:00
Knurling & Threading 00:00:00
Applying Weldments in Solid Works 00:00:00
Optimization in Solid Works 00:00:00
Animation of Worm Gear Assembly 00:00:00
SDFS1 – FSAE SolidWorks Sponsorship 00:00:00
SDFS2 – Modeling an FSAE Frame 00:00:00
SDFS3 – 3D Content Central SolidWorks Models for FSAE 00:00:00
SDFS4 :FSAE Steering Assembly with Edit Component 00:00:00
SDFS5 : FSAE Design Analysis Apps Intro to FEA 00:00:00
SDFS6 : SimulationXpress Sheet Metal Bracket 00:00:00
SDFS7 : Stress Analysis of FSAE Spindle Upright SolidWorks Simulation 00:00:00
SDFS8 : FSAE Tires and Wheels 00:00:00
SDFS9 : FSAE Tutorial Frame drawing cutlist flat pattern 00:00:00
SDFS10 : Sustainability for Formula Hybrid 00:00:00
SDFS10 : Analyzing a Frame in SolidWorks Simulation 00:00:00
SDFS11 : Modeling an FSAE Frame 00:00:00
SDFS13 : Modeling a FSAE Frame Part 2 00:00:00
SDFS14 : Creating Molds for FSAE Parts 00:00:00
SDFS15 : Fatigue Analysis on a FSAE Hub 00:00:00
SDFS16 : Design Optimization of a Formula SAE Hub 00:00:00
SDFS17 : Modeling a Formula SAE Suspension Spring 00:00:00
SDFS18 : Using PhotoView 360 to Render FSAE Parts 00:00:00
SDFS19 : Using SolidWorks Motion for Formula SAE 00:00:00
SDFS20 : Tips and Tricks for Formula SAE Students 00:00:00
SDFS21 : Surfacing to Create FSAE Body Work – Part 1 00:00:00
SDFS22 : Surfacing to Create FSAE Body Work – Part 2 00:00:00
SDFS23 : How to Model a Formula SAE Exhaust in SolidWorks 00:00:00
SDFS24 : SAE Thermal Stress 00:00:00
SDFS25 : SAE Intake Internal Flow 00:00:00
SDFS26 : SAE Mold Tutorial 00:00:00
SDFS27 : SAE Frame Analysis 00:00:00
SDBJ1 : BAJA – Frame & Weldments 00:00:00
SDBJ2 : Large Assembly Tips and Tricks 00:00:00
SDBJ3 : Customizing SolidWorks for BAJA 00:00:00

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Course Reviews

  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

    Outstanding! 5

    I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.
    Prateek Jain
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

    Well Arranged Course 5

    Helped a lot :-)
    Adithya C Vinod
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

    Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast 5

    As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV
    jithin kumar
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

    learnt So much 5

    learnt so many things development of ATV
  • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

    Helped me channelize my time and effort 5

    The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
    Hariharan Mohan

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