Introduction to Hybrid Powertrain Controls Development is a six-week, hands-on intensive training, designed to give students a look into managing real-world situations and working environments. This class is geared toward software engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers ready to expand their skills controlling and analyzing a gasoline direct injection engine and components from hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems.

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Students will understand a comprehensive overview of hybrid vehicle powertrains, learning how internal combustion (IC) engines, batteries, and motors work together to move vehicles. They will control the rate of fuel injection, throttle position, and variable cam timing position in an IC engine, and how those technologies reduce carbon dioxide emissions produced by running a gasoline, direct-injected (GDI) engine. They will then learn the fundamentals of motor control and will control a brushless DC motor similar to one found in a hybrid vehicle. Finally, they will control an electrified supercharger that uses energy from a vehicle’s battery to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

Course highlights include:

  • Fuel injector control waveform development
  • Tuning PID controllers for variable cam timing and throttle control in LabVIEW
  • Analyzing combustion with in-cylinder pressure transducers
  • Brushless DC motor control
  • Electrified supercharger control over CAN

Week 1 Overview of hybrid electric vehicles. Overview of engines, engine systems, and engine components.
Project: Create waveforms for direct solenoid, direct piezoelectric, and port fuel injectors.

Week 2 Overview of model-based development, LabVIEW basics, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA.
Project: Write a PID controller in LabVIEW and control an automotive throttle.

Week 3 Thermodynamics of engines. Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, indicated work, brake work, pumping work, MEP.
Project: Use combustion analysis to understand how variable cam timing and turbocharging impact
the efficiency of the engine.

Week 4 Motor control fundamentals. Overview of brushed DC, brushless DC, and AC induction motor control.
Project: Control the speed of a brushless DC motor for use as a hybrid vehicle motor-generator.

Week 5 Mild hybrid vehicle applications. CAN communication. Electrified superchargers.
Project: Control the operation of an electrified supercharger from a hybrid vehicle.

Week 6 Presentation development. The potential for advanced topics such as integrating simulations of other components into testing.


In addition to being immersed in the perfect learning environment, you will also be surrounded by mentors to help you master the soft skills needed to excel as a controls engineer. DIYguru is about more than just learning new skills as an engineer, it’s about taking your career to the next level.


DIYguru has relationships with companies around the United States that hire DIYguru graduates. To date, more than 350 people have graduated from DIYguru and every one of them has found a job. Past hiring companies include DIYguru Engineering Solutions, BorgWarner, Bosch, Chrysler, Cummins Inc., Delphi, Ford Motor Company, GE, GM, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Hill-Rom, John Deere, and National Instruments.


Visakhapatnam – India

2019 dates to be announced soon


Full tuition and fees for this six week, hands-on course is INR 15,000. Payment plans are available!

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    Course Reviews

    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Outstanding! 5

      I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.
      Prateek Jain
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Well Arranged Course 5

      Helped a lot :-)
      Adithya C Vinod
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast 5

      As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV
      jithin kumar
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      learnt So much 5

      learnt so many things development of ATV
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Helped me channelize my time and effort 5

      The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
      Hariharan Mohan

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