Internet of Things is a general term used for devices talking over a network for the purpose of Monitoring, Analysis & Control without any human interference. As per the definition, you will learn the design for all three aspects of IoT i.e. Monitoring, Analysis & ControlThis course is based on hands-on approach where you will be doing various projects with different hardware and with different communication technologies so that you will not be limited to one platform.


  • Beginner level knowledge of Programming.
  • Having a beginner level understanding of electronics and electrical circuits is recommended but not necessary
  • Having access to Raspberry Pi or Arduino
  • If you want to make a career in the Internet of Things: an evolving technology than this course is for you. You will learn everything from high-level controllers to interactive dashboard designing.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Who are we ? and what we are going to do ? 00:00:00
Course Introduction 00:00:00
Introduction to the IoT
Defination of IoT 00:00:00
What are the things in IoT 00:00:00
Some Applications of IoT.
Introduction to section 3 00:00:00
Smart Switch Board 00:00:00
Water Well Monitoring System 00:00:00
AWS IoT button 00:00:00
Structure of IoT
General block diagram 00:00:00
Role of micro controllers 00:00:00
How things communicate ? 00:00:00
Does everything in IoT involve “Internert”? 00:00:00
Basic Electronics
Introduction to section -5 00:00:00
Analog and Digital Signals 00:00:00
Current and Voltage 00:00:00
Some Basic circuits 00:00:00
Get Start with Arduino
Introduction to section -6 00:00:00
Technical Description of Arduino 00:00:00
Setting up Arduino IDE 00:00:00
Blinking LED 00:00:00
Reading Button 00:00:00
Project 1 : Smart Lightning for your smart home. 00:00:00
Getting Started with Raspberry Pie.
Introduction to section 7 00:00:00
Technical Description of Rpi 00:00:00
Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino 00:00:00
Operating Systems for RPi 00:00:00
Preparing SD Card for Pi 00:00:00
Connecting Raspberry Pi as PC 00:00:00
Connecting Raspberry Pi with Windows PC using Ethernet Cable 00:00:00
Exploring Raspberry Pi Environment 00:00:00
Control a bulb from anywhere in the world
Control a bulb from anywhere in the world 00:00:00
Creating NodeRED Application for project 00:00:00
Programming RPi for Smart Bulb App 00:00:00
Course Conclusion
What we learnt? & Good Bye 00:00:00

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    Course Reviews

    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Outstanding! 5

      I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.
      Prateek Jain
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Well Arranged Course 5

      Helped a lot :-)
      Adithya C Vinod
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast 5

      As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV
      jithin kumar
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      learnt So much 5

      learnt so many things development of ATV
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Preparation Course

      Helped me channelize my time and effort 5

      The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
      Hariharan Mohan

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