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What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard spreadsheet program used for data calculations, analysis, visualization and much more. It can be programmed to access data from external databases and is an excellent tool for data modeling, statistics and financial calculations with built-in functions to quickly and easily perform common tasks. Proficiency in Excel is typically required for accounting, business analytics, data analysis and statistics jobs.

In our current work atmosphere, we usually come across various data. We read it, access it and work on it. Have you ever analyzed it? You didn’t need it or haven’t got the opportunity to work on. Isn’t it? Well, that’s true in most of our cases.

Source:- www.naukri.com

The requirement of every analytical tool is to analyze data & extract relevant information which can lead to increase in business growth. If we talk about today, there are many ways to perform business analytics & reporting like SAS, R, Big Data, Salesforce, SAP, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Machine Learning, etc. Every tool has its own uniqueness and is well used & adopted by Industry.

The important point to understand is Microsoft Excel is the basis for any Analytical tool. Any big giant like McKinsey, Mu Sigma, American Express, etc. using advanced analytics ultimately works on Excel sheets for the data loading & internal communication. That’s why there is a steady increase in Excel Jobs & Excel Training every year.

Excel Jobs comprises 75.6% of Analytical Industry.

Top 5 Reasons to learn Microsoft Excel:

1) Increasing Demand for Microsoft Excel Professionals

Due to the awesome features of Microsoft Excel, values of Excel professionals is on the hit list for the employers. Not only the advanced features being the reason for it, but a wide area of usage is also a concern. And when we talk about data analytics, you think globally! So, you can imagine what values Microsoft Excel and Data Analytics have in it. That is why, there is always a huge demand of Microsoft Excel Training.

2) More Number of Job Opportunities

The demand for Excel is rising rapidly. In India, especially, demand for these talents is on the hike and companies need professionals who can contribute to the world of analytics. Data Scientists are the professionals performing analytics and the Analytics Consultant are the people who understand and know how to use these data. These are the most popular and demanding job profiles in this niche. Other than these, there are numerous job profiles like:-

1. Metrics and Analytics Specialist

2. Analytics Associate

3. Big Data Engineer

4. Big Data Solution Architect

5. Big Data Analytics Architect

and much more.

3) Easy & Simplest way to start Career in Analytics

In this competitive environment, everyone wants to be successful. Some are looking for a better job profile, or pay scale, or for a relaxed and fixed job role. Well, data analytics is a niche which consists of almost all of the factors which you can think if you would be put on an employee’s shoes. If you are a person with analysis capability and research-minded person, you can make a deep dive into the ‘Excel World’! For skilled professionals, either a fresher or an experienced, there is an ocean of opportunities waiting for you. Grab this, and make an easy way to your successful career.

4) Better Salary Aspects

If you are a qualified Excel professional, you don’t need to worry about the wages. Because Microsoft Excel in analytics is something which will never let you get bothered about the payroll. Big companies look forward to hiring talented people and also gives high pay scale. This niche doesn’t offer something which seems to be a stipend for you! Salary is an X-factor for any employee working in this domain.

5) Numerous choices for Future Growth

There is no option to think of a career which doesn’t drive growth to you. After all, we all choose our career sincerely for our secured future. Therefore, job security is a key factor in everyone’s career. And, again, if you are looking for a secured job then, data analytics is your cup of tea! No one wants to put his/her business at a risk. And, you are the survivor. Ever imagined, how can a business run without its security? As you provide business security, data analytics gives you your job security as a freebie!

Learn How to Use Excel Online

Microsoft offers free Excel classes online on DIYguru to learn both fundamental and advanced Excel skills. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel is a 4-week, self-paced online course perfect for learners with little or no prior experience using the software. Learn how to set up an Excel sheet, perform calculations, use basic and advanced Excel formulas and create visual representations of data with charts and graphs. Learn how to quickly create different views of data with pivot tables and much more, directly from the Excel team at Microsoft.

Additional Excel training courses explore the more advanced statistics and data visualization features of the software. Learn about descriptive statistics, basic probability, random variables, Excel VBA, sampling and hypothesis testing. Perform data mashups and visualizations using data pulled from multiple sources. The advanced features courses are part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science, a specialization designed to get learners on a path to a career in data science or related field.

Add Excel Skills to Your Resume

To give you an idea of the vast popularity of Excel among employers, a recent keyword search of “Excel” on Indeed.com produced almost 600,000 results. Excel skills are marketable in almost every industry and consistently rank near the top of the list of most important skills to add to your CV. Whether you’re in healthcare, IT, finance, business intelligence or computer science, taking an Excel tutorial or short online Excel course to learn the latest features can boost your performance.

Among the computer programs which exist, Microsoft Excel is one of the most important because of the key role it plays in many sectors. It is the most used spreadsheet program in many business activities, classwork and even personal data organisation. Excel was first released in the year 1985. Since then, it has played a vital role in performing formula based arithmetic and calculations, and other activities that may require mathematical calculations. Many businesses, personal and institutional enterprises have embraced the use of Excel because of its utility and the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications. The importance of MS Excel can be seen in the different departmental units it is used as follows.

1. Graphing
This package plays a very important role in graphing as it has the ability to produce a variety of different charts, which may be used by different departments to represent statistical data in more visual way. Since the formulae and procedures are incorporated in the package, it is always an easy and time saving to create charts. Unlike other graphing programs, Excel is much more cost effective as it plays many different roles, and can be used for so many different things.

2. Data organisation
Data is raw, unprocessed information, which needs to be stored in a systematic and organised manner. To achieve this effectively, one needs to use Microsoft Excel. Excel gives the users the ability to set up tables, in which they can organise their data and provide updating keys too. The benefits of data organisation using excel are felt by administrators who always have so much information that needs to be updated regularly. The Excel tables will help administrators to observe the progress of single as well as combined statistics such as report trends and product complexities.

3. Programming
When it comes to programming, you find out that MS Excel supports almost all the programming language applications used in creating macros. This makes it easy to solve complex functions thus increasing the efficiency in programming.

Finally, the knowledge of Microsoft Excel is vital in most of the modern organisations for the purpose of proficiency. Many organisations want to keep systematic and up to date records of their products, programs and activities. Therefore individuals who are proficient in creating or coming up with Excel macros are considered as assets to a given organisation.

Career Opportunities

You may be more employable. If you learn how to use Microsoft Excel prior to job hunting, you might have a leg up on other candidates who aren’t familiar with the software program. Many businesses and organizations seek candidates with strong organization and analysis skills – and if you know Microsoft Excel, employers may see you as a valuable asset who can perform tasks efficiently.  It also shows an employer you’ve mastered an important software application, and that you may be willing to learn additional skills to support the business.

Your resume may look better. Recruiters are always on the lookout for hot keywords.  If they see “Microsoft Excel training” listed on your resume, they may be more likely to give you a closer look. Your resume should include a section for skills and abilities, so be sure to highlight Microsoft Excel and mention any training programs you’ve completed.

You can organize and interpret information more easily. Excel isn’t just a huge grid with endless rows and columns.  It’s a tool that allows you to sort and filter lists, track numbers, create formulas, perform calculations, develop graphs and charts, and much, much more. If these skills seem like they could be a great boost to your career, then an online course in Excel may be for you. Udemy.com is one place that offers dozens of training programs to help you master this important software program, and all at varying experience levels and costs.

How about careers and Excel? While office or finance managers are hardly surprising when you think about people who use Microsoft Excel on a day-to-day basis, you may be interested to learn about these other jobs that could benefit from Excel:


Since teachers may become bogged down by lesson plans and administrative duties, using Microsoft Excel training could enable them to streamline time spent on organizing grades as well as creating teaching aids like student birthday charts, interactive maps, seating charts, summer reading lists, and more.


Whether it’s keeping track of hockey statistics in sports journalism or analyzing campaign finance data for in political journalism, Microsoft Excel benefits extend to journalists who are juggling large amounts of information and trying to keep their facts straight.


If you are a photographer who wants to know how many leads translate into actual shoots, you could learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet that provides summaries about failed leads, referral sources, and booking rates.

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you may want to keep a writing log in Excel that could help you monitor more and less productive areas of your day. Maybe you need a place to brainstorm ideas and come up with new topics and titles—an Excel worksheet could be just the place. A published articles Excel log is useful when you want to keep track of any guest postings or articles that have been published on third-party websites.

In addition to traditional reasons for learning Microsoft Excel, here are some more unconventional uses:

Weddings. Planning your wedding? What better way to stay on budget as well as figure out that pesky seating chart for the reception than to use Excel? In addition to tracking guests who responded to your invites, you could make honeymoon plans, maintain vendor budgets, and come up with an inclusive wedding timeline.

Design. Are you redecorating your home and wondering if your sofa will fit well in front of the bay window? What about mapping out your vegetable garden as you wait for winter to take the winter wonderland elsewhere? By using Excel as a virtual graph paper, it could be your go to solution for design dilemmas inside or outside your home.

Naming babies. Are you at a standstill when it comes to choosing a name for your soon-to-arrive child? What about putting those Microsoft Excel skills to use? You could create a workbook that includes both your and your partner’s favorite first and middle names then filter the results for matches. Taking it further, you could use formulas to show all of the potential match combinations and shorten the list based on which names sound good together. Finally, check for uniqueness and unexpected initial results. Voila—you could have a simplified way of finding the perfect name without having to pour over baby name books.

Are you ready to learn the basics of Excel or take your skills to the next level?  Luckily, Excel courses are typically divided into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – so there’s a course that may appeal to you and your career development needs. Check out Udemy, where you can find the Microsoft Excel course that’s right for you and your budget.


Course Overview

MS Excel Training With World Class Experts

In the fast-paced arena where techniques are playing crucial role, advanced MS Excel skills may help to manage multiple tasks at single pace. Getting success almost depends upon how the things you have planned. Data reporting, data managing tactics and much more actions are there those should be undertaken by proper usage of MS Excel.

Whether it is about personal or professional concerns, for both of the cases Microsoft Excel will assist intelligently. To approach advance levels of excellence, improved Excel services should be used. To gain complete and appropriate knowledge in MS Excel, SeTrends is offering distinct excel training courses in delhi within different packages.


Why MS Excel Training Required?

The spreadsheet designing within MS Excel is an art that will not be handy until you have gone through a dedicated training program. Quick access of procedure sums, setting maximum & minimum ranges, chart preparation, and much more should understand by devoted MS Excel training program.

Demand Of Microsoft Excel Training

Presenting a complex structure of database in easy manner so that it will be understandable for all is the task that can be performed using MS Excel advanced techniques. For acquiring frequent and desired skills into Microsoft Excel.

Job Opportunities In MS Excel Training

Offering tactics, tricks, and ideas to others for MS Excel may be a great idea to explore your skills. Simply, one can set his/her career as MS Excel tutor. The chances to get a job as Microsoft Excel trainer are very high and DIYguru is here to make you able to do the same without any hurdle.

—————————————————– FROM INSTRUCTOR ——————————————

Importance of Excel for Students

Excel is very beneficial for students. Students can learn by using excel how to convert raw data into meaningful information. They will learn by doing exercises in Excel how to perform calculation faster. They will understand by using Excel how data can be visualized. They will learn how to do financial planning. Students can learn why data and information are important to filters.

They will learn in Excel why how to track goal progressions, how salaries are calculated etc. are essential things they will face and use in future but if they are practicing on such things using Microsoft Excel earlier in their career, it will be easy for them in future to handle the large amount of data and information easily and accurately.

Students can become good and proficient in any school or college subjects by using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is really important in our education system that enhances data management creativity in students mind. Microsoft Excel is an important application in computers that need to be used in the classroom and education. There are various reasons why Microsoft Excel is important in Education but let’s look at the following reasons I think very important to consider:-

In Excel, students can do and learn the fastest way to do calculation with accuracy

Microsoft Excel formulas, formatting options and other data management and visualization tool can help students to perform complex mathematical, logical and financial calculation faster with accuracy.

Microsoft Excel contains various educational and business tools and features. It means if students start learning and start working on Excel from the earlier as possible then it will easier for them in future to handle and understand the pattern of data and information when they join computer or computer science degree or any organization. Today, Data management and visualization in business is a most important thing. In future students will work in organizations and companies, in that they will find it comfortable to deal with data and information.

Microsoft Excel Tools such as conditional formatting, sorting, filters, use of chart and illustration in data visualization, use of pivot table, logical formulas such as SUMIF, IF, OR, NOT, AND and various other types of text-based options in Excel is really important for students to understand how economics works in our daily life. By using such tool they will learn how to validate, consolidate, group, import and explore data and information in a computer using Microsoft Excel faster with accuracy.

Microsoft Excel builds strong analytical thinking and skills

Microsoft Excel application explores productive creativity in students mind. Finance and economics is a most important part of our life. Later they have to work in companies, HR departments, they will run their own business and they have to manage their own daily life finance. Many business owners and people suffer in business due to bad finance or money management. Students will learn such things in Excel, so they can survive or grow above survival in business and career. That’s why Excel can help to build strong financial thinking by managing, performing business and daily life financial calculation.

If students are strong in financial education before completing their academic education then it will be easier for them to get benefits from subjects like math, economics, and account in their life. And Microsoft Excel provides those tools and features for everyone.

Teachers have to include Microsoft Excel in mathematical, financial and economical topics practically. So, students can become stronger, powerful and great in money management and spending habits. Such thing if students understand and perform a calculation on their money spending habits, savings then they can predict and visualize what type of results they will get in future and what they can do if they are getting bad financial results.

This is about using data and information for predicting future. And it was happening before Microsoft Excel. But today, Computer education or Microsoft Excel practical education is not optional but a necessity for every student around the world.

Students can learn how calculation are performed

We all are seeing data and information in blogs, TV, Newspaper, and books in visuals such as charts, graph, diagrams, and reports. Such as Indian Gross Domestic production in which we can find the measurement of how good and services are produced in the year 2016 – 2017 and what are the results. Students can practice on current Financial happening in India in Microsoft Excel. Similarly, about Government budget for 2017 and 2018. But do all students think about such things before bachelor degrees? I don’t think so.

But teaching theories or historical facts in Education not enabled us to grow faster and become successful business owners at the age 30. The best method of teaching, I think will be when you include current incidents in the education, which is happening in the country.

I am not against any historical facts and figures those are included in the books or study material. But what about that is happening currently. As a student, I want to learn about demonization from the teacher, I want to learn how inflation rate effects on our savings, FD, RD etc. And I want to learn this from our teachers. Not from news channels. I don’t want to learn about it from marketers. I hope you got my point.

I only mean here, to include current happening in the studies. And using computer or internet technologies in a way so they can help us to create better future for our students. And Microsoft Excel or computer education will speed up the process of development of students mind. I can be wrong, but it’s not ok, to be right when you are facing unemployment problems in our country. It means your education policies or processes are weakest. It’s not students fault, its fault in the brain of policy makers.

It’s really important for school and colleges’ to provide an appropriate environment, teaching tools and learning tool for teachers and students.

Students can learn how data is visualized

For example, students are watching a cricket match on TV. They can see a vegan wheel of batsmen in which he/she scored 145 runs in 112 balls and in which he/she scored 83 runs in offside and 62 runs onside. Now we can trend our students how to perform same calculation, how to visualize same charts, diagram, or vegan wheel in Microsoft Excel. Another example is a bar chart, in which runs scored in each over is highlighted. Big bars for more scored runs and small bars for low scoring overs. Now students can do that and they can practice on their Excel skills to visualize the data they are seeing.

I don’t know but I think software used to showcase and visualize cricket match data is not Excel might be something else. But the visualization basics are same. Most of the mathematical data or logical data visualization tools or applications are creating after following Microsoft Excel. Financial application on the internet is innovation and the inspiration is Microsoft Excel.

For me, I always try to teach Microsoft Excel Examples, lessons and features, functions in a way so they create a direct or indirect connection in students’ and career. I am very much satisfied with my practices. And students learn Microsoft Excel very well. I also include their studied subject they learned in the school or colleges. For example, students pursuing B.Com or M.Com know or learned in their studies, how to create demand and supply curve, they learned how to predict future based on data, how to calculate net profit. Then I teach same things practically in Microsoft Excel. And it’s great for them.

Microsoft Excel, Finance, and Economics are favorite subjects for me. I was not good at math in schools and I didn’t study that much. But today, I am realizing that such things are really important in our career and life. And it is especially important and when you’re running or doing any kind of online and offline business.

That’s why, I sometimes force students, to focus, analyze and calculate the cash transaction in visual formats in daily life. And the collect the data and information, after that analyze that visualizations (charts, diagrams, pivot tables etc.) and filter that data, so it will create some meaningful information or knowledge.

I think you got my point, sorry for any mistake or over wording.

At the end I will say, that above is nothing, but little basic things that are really important for students or everyone. Microsoft Excel is really a very very important application to teach, to include in classroom lecture and in the education systems and process.

It’s really important to convert facts into raw data. Then it’s important to filter or formulate that data and create meaningful information. After that, it’s really important to analyze and execute that information for knowledge. And knowledge purifies our mind, habits, culture, society, and country.


Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:00:00
Getting Started
Opening an Excel Worksheet 00:00:00
Ribbons and Quick Access Toolbar 00:00:00
Ribbons and Quick Access Toolbar Continued 00:00:00
Case Study
Case Study 00:00:00
Data Entry
Data Entry in Excel 00:00:00
Data Entry in Excel Continued 00:00:00
Calculations 00:00:00
Formulas – SUM MAX MIN AVERAGE 00:00:00
Formulas Continued 00:00:00
Number Formats 00:00:00
IF Function
IF Function 00:00:00
Graph Charts
Graph Charts Part 1 00:00:00
Graph Charts Part 2 00:00:00
Graph Charts Part 3 00:00:00
Pie Chart
Pie Chart 00:00:00
Sort Function 00:00:00
Filter Function
Filter Function 00:00:00
Pivot Table
Pivot Table Part 1 00:00:00
Pivot Table Part 2 00:00:00
Freeze Split
Freeze Split 00:00:00
Table Formats 00:00:00
Indents and Formatting Charts 00:00:00
Printing the Worksheet and Print Layout 00:00:00
Shortcuts in Excel 00:00:00
Navigation 00:00:00
Workbook Basics 00:00:00
Selection 00:00:00
Working with Data 00:00:00
Formula 00:00:00
Common Errors
Common Errors 00:00:00
Data Functions
CHOOSE Function 00:00:00
VLOOKUP Function 00:00:00
HLOOKUP Function 00:00:00
MATCH and INDEX 00:00:00
Database Functions DSUM DAVERAGE DCOUNT 00:00:00
OFFSET Example 1 00:00:00
OFFSET Function – Dynamic 00:00:00
One Dimensional Data Tables 00:00:00
Two Dimensional Data Tables 00:00:00
Solver 00:00:00
Goal Seek 00:00:00
Array Function Example 1 00:00:00
Array Function Example 2 00:00:00
Array Functions Rows and Columns 00:00:00
Transpose 00:00:00
Frequency 00:00:00
Pivot Tables
Pivot Table Slicer 00:00:00
Pivot Charts 00:00:00

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