Deploy automated drones for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding and aerial monitoring; Control them remotely with ease on the cloud over 4G/LTE/5G network.

How it Works

Urgent missions involving multiple drones demand concerted action masterminded from a single command centre where all video streams, 3D maps, placemarks, and other incoming drone data are sent for real-time overviews, analysis, and in-depth investigation. UgCS Command & Control (UgCS CC) is a scalable solution, offering rich functionality and an intuitive interface, and tailored to manage complex SAR, investigation or surveillance operations from anywhere in the world.



Regulations of DGCA , Civil Aviation Requirements (01 Class)

‒          Classification

‒          Basic Air Regulations

‒          Salient points

‒          Do’s and Don’ts

Basic principles of flight

‒          Fundamentals of flight

‒          Aerodynamics

‒          Take-off, flight, and landing

‒          Manoeuvres, turns and circuit pattern

‒          Practice session in Radio

‒          Applications and Operations

‒          Advantages / Disadvantages over multi rotor drones, Multi Rotor Intoduction (01 class

‒          Flight Planning Procedures

‒          Collision avoidance

‒          Radio Telephony (RT) techniques

‒          Standard radio terminology and RT Phraseology

‒          Practice Session in Radio Communication

Fixed wing operations and aerodynamics

‒          Types of fixed wing drones, make, parts and terminology

‒          Operation and manoeuvres of fixed wing drones

‒          Applications and operations

Advantages/disadvantages over multi rotor drones, Multi rotor introduction (01 class)

‒          Basic drone terminology

‒          Types of drones, material used and size of drones

‒          Motors and propellers

‒          Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), flight controllers

‒          Operation and Applications of drones

Advantages/disadvantages over multi rotor drones Weather and meteorology (01 Class)

‒          The standard atmosphere

‒          Measuring air pressure

‒          Heat and temperature

‒          Wind

‒          Moisture, cloud formation

‒          Met Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR)

Drone equipment maintenance (01 Class)

‒          Maintenance of drone, flight control box, ground station

‒          Maintenance of ground equipment, batteries and payloads

‒          Scheduled servicing

‒          Repair of equipment

‒          Fault finding and rectification

Final Test – Theory (40 min)

Introduction to flight simulator (01 Class)

‒          Basic Operating features of simulator

‒          How to select different aircrafts and aerodromes

‒          Demo Flight

Flight Simulator Training (02 classes)

‒          Pre-flight checks and start-up

‒          Preparation cum coordination for flight

‒          Take-off and flight stage

‒          Approach and landing

‒          After flight checks

‒          Practical flying with instructor/solo flying.




Getting Started with FlytGCS

Enhance Aerial Security Using Off-the-Shelf Drones

Works with DJI Mavic/Phantom

Works with cost-effective, reliable, off-the-shelf drones such as DJI Mavic & Phantom along with all the others.

Live HD Video Feed Over Cloud

Get real-time HD video feed over the cloud with minimal latency over 4G/LTE/5G.

Remote Drone Fleet Control

Manage a fleet of drones via a remote ground control station over the cloud.

Fully Automated Operations

Set & execute automated way point missions. Integrate with precision landing and docking stations for full autonomy.


Course Curriculum

Video Lectures
Final Test

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