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  1. Introduction to robotics
  2. Electronics
  3. Concepts of electronics
  4. Introduction to electronic components


  1. Resistors, Potentiometer, Capacitors, etc


  1. Breadboard
  1. Soldering Machine
  2. Arduino

Fundamental concepts, structure and design
Introduction to Programming Languages

LED Mini Project

  1. Introduction to LED, its structure and working conditions
  2. Single LED with Arduino
  3. Interfacing single LED with Arduino
  4. Programming LED with Arduino
  5. Single LED Pattern generation
  6. Fading single LED
  7. Multiple LEDs with Arduino
  8. Interfacing multiple LEDs with Arduino
  9. Powering concepts with multiple LEDs
  10. Multiple LED Pattern
  11. Fading and brightness control of multiple LEDs

Project: RGB LED Shades and Patterns via Arduino

  Keypad Mini Project

  1. Introduction to LCD Display
  2. Application of 16×2 LCD Display
  3. Programming of 16×2 LCD Display
  4. Interfacing of LCD with Arduino
  5. Keypad Control
  6. Interfacing and working of keypad with Arduino
  7. Programming keypad
  8. Interfacing LCD with Keypad
  9. Working of keypad with LCD
  10. Displaying keypad numbers in LCD
  11. Matching keypad data with other numbers
  12. Introduction to EEPROM
  13. Saving data into Arduino EEPROM
  14. Comparing keypad data with EEPROM

Project: Password based system

Controlled Motion Robot

  1. Introduction to DC Motor
  2. Interfacing of motors with Arduino
  3. Powering concepts of motors
  4. PWM Concept
  5. Introduction to L293D Motor Driver
  6. Interfacing and studying the needs of motor driver
  7. Debugging the motor motion
  8. Interfacing wheels with motors
  9. Speed control of motor wheels (Duty Cycle)
  10. Programming
  11. Moving robot wheels in desired direction
  12. Concept of timings and motion duration
  13. Assembly
  14. Assembling robot body and wheels with motor connections

Project: Motion controlled robot moving in a desired set of directions

Bluetooth Controlled Robot

  1. Introduction to MIT App Inventor
  2. Building a small application of buttons with app inventor
  3. Introduction to HC-05 Bluetooth module
  4. Interfacing Bluetooth module with Arduino
  5. Programming concepts of Bluetooth shield

Projects: a: Button controlled application based project

b: Speech Controlled robot

DTMF Controlled Robot

  1. Concept of mobile frequency
  2. Introduction to DTMF Module and interfacing
  3. Programming

Home Automation

  1. Introduction
  2. Relay interfacing
  3. Programming


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    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Course

      Outstanding! 5

      I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them.
      Prateek Jain
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Course

      Well Arranged Course 5

      Helped a lot :-)
      Adithya C Vinod
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Course

      Learnt many things as a automotive enthusiast 5

      As an automotive enthusiast, I learnt so many things regarding design and development of ATV
      jithin kumar
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Course

      learnt So much 5

      learnt so many things development of ATV
    • BAJA SAE Virtuals Course

      Helped me channelize my time and effort 5

      The course helped me channelize my time and effort. Since a large number of contents were available online, this particular course substantially increased my productivity by providing a , much needed, reference.
      Hariharan Mohan

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